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Dog racing and golf

Holmenkollen Sports Club's goal is to make dog racing an Olympic Sport. We arrange races the way we think is the best way to acheve our dream. Holmenkollen started in 1985, and we were the first club to host the "Olympic Model" (called "Autobil Cup" in the end of the 80's). Among our mushers we have Lena Boysen Hillestad and Kjetil Hillestad, two of the best mushers in the world: www.boysen-hillestad.com                

Today Holmenkollen Sports Club have a lot of members playing golf. We turned from a pure dog club to a dog and golf club. Our Golf sites are written in Norwegian. If you have any question about golf and don't understand Norwegian, don't hesitate to ask Lena: [email protected]


We are located in Oslo, Norway

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